TWC Rant

I’m gonna fucking rant/rage for a little bit if that’s cool. First off, like truly fuck TWC. And no, I’m not referring to time warner cable, though also, fuck them too. This is about texas workforce commission. They’re dead set on not getting me my unemployment benefits. I already went through this exact same scenario like a few weeks before. And that took me being on hold for two hours after a week of trying to reach them to get it resolved. And today, they’re trying to pull the same shit on me.

Making me reach out to them to provide information. And I’m assuming it’s the exact same information that they requested last time, which only makes this all the more frustrating. And now I’ve been on hold for around an hour, mind you I called as soon as their lines opened today and was immediately placed on hold. Like what the fuck, how? It’s fun, waiting. Though we’ll see if I can outlast them this time, I do unfortunately have a deadline on this one unlike my last foray with them.

On the bright side? Maybe? Work is slowly picking back up, kinda. And that means I may be back there again. Which would be nice, not having to deal with twc’s bullshit. So, we’ll see how that goes. I’m sure you’ll hear an update on it from me soon enough. Lot’s of things are in motion now and I’ll need to see how they change things. It’s gonna be fun, mostly.

Take care, be safe, catch ya on the flip side.

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