Nostalgic void

I don’t really have much to say. So, why I am I saying anything at all. I don’t know. I’ve spent most of my life going off the notion that if you don’t have anything to say then you should stay silent. And that has mostly worked, I think. It’s really hard to say. But that leaves such a silence.

Which is something that I’m usually comfortable with. But I guess after so many months of silence, you can get a little tired of it, and want something to fill the void. And that’s what I’ve been searching for, a void filler. Haven’t quite found one that works, but when I do, I’ll let you know.

Void. It’s quite the concept. Nothing and emptiness. Like wow, what the fuck, my dude. I’ve just been rotating through the same three or four albums the past few weeks and feeling some kind of way. It’s this incredibly melancholic and bittersweet combination of nostalgia. And it hits me in this empty space within me. And that’s really the main thing that has been on my mind recently.

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