Dude, can you believe it? August, already. Like where does the year go? Don’t answer that, I know exactly where the year has gone. And I don’t really want to think about it. But I’m doing well, well enough for being up at five a.m. I suppose. Sleep schedule gets out of wack sometimes, and it’s fun. Would highly recommend lol.

School is just around the corner, which doesn’t really mean much these days as I’ve been doing summer classes and so it’s like I never really left school. Oh, and football season is starting to get going, so we’ll need to get up and running at the club soon. I’m sure that that will go well and nothing bad can come out of that. It’ll be great. Though I can’t wait to get back to class, actual classes I should add. These summer ones were all self taught with no real meaningful interaction with anybody. So even though it will be zoom calls instead of meeting in person, it will be nice to actually see my compatriots. I miss them.

Anyway, hope you’re doing well out there, and that you’re staying safe. As always, I’ll catch ya on the flip side ❤

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