I’m not sure if this is my regular bout of loneliness or something different. It feels similar to ones I’ve had before, but ever so slightly different. Ya feel? Like there is indeed that lonely feeling. But it feels stronger somehow. I guess isolation will do that to you. Though I am picking up a few shifts this week so that will allow me to catch up with coworkers for a little bit. Although I will be risking my life amidst a pandemic with rising case counts. So, what’s the worst that can happen?

Well, it was a good run lol. But seriously, this feels like a different cloud of loneliness. Hewn from the same rock, but like the other side that has been affected differently from all the erosion. What I am trying to say here, I think, is that this loneliness feeling is a more mature loneliness. If that even makes sense. Fuck, I just miss people. Not even like doing things with people, but hanging out and shooting the shit. I live for that. Makes us human. Would highly recommend, 10/10.

I don’t know dude. I’m just here. Maybe I’ll write a poem about this specific strand of loneliness. More likely I’ll start working on one but not go anywhere with and then revisit it months later and make something out of it. As is tradition.

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