Semester’s End

Well, there we have it. Another semester over. But somehow, this one feels more final. I’m not graduating yet, but still it feels like I am? I think it’s because my last semester isn’t really like a regular semester, it’s field. And that carries with it a completely different set of rules there. But even looking back, this semester was unlike any I’ve ever had. It was a journey for sure. And a good one at that. These people will have an impact on my life. And I hope we stay close. Semester ends always bring me to an emotional place, goodbyes get me. It’s hard.

And as I mentioned, this one hit harder. Truly, this was the best semester of my life. And I’m excited to see what else may come. Yeah, I know, this is short one. I might have more thoughts on this later. But just needed to throw some words down really quick. You understand. Love ya ❤

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