Feb Update

Hey there, what’s going on with you? Yeah, I know. I act like I can hear you. It really is a one sided relationship we’ve got going here. And that’s okay. This is what the expectations were when I started this endeavor. Honestly, I didn’t expect there to even be an audience for this thing. And yet here we are, what a time.

But to my main point, or lack thereof. I’m doing alright, school keeps trucking along. It’s midterm season which is fun. Except I don’t have any exams, so it’s not like the typical midterm season. There’s a lot more projects and experiential learning that is being done. Which is fun, it’s a nice change of pace from the norm.

As for work, that’s pretty alright. Bartending is good. We’ve been moderately busy recently, which is nice for pay and all that.

Oh shit! I planned out part of my spring break, I’m going to Cincinnati. And yes, I am aware that that is not usually a high profile destination area. But I think it’ll be fun. I’ve never been to Ohio so I’ll probably just wander around the city and see the local sites.


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