More Cooking with Will

I did a cooking thing. I’m just throwing the recipe here so I can remember later when I need it. Normally I don’t really write down the recipes to this spur of the moment things, but this is a special thing. Not really, but so that girl that I’ve talked about? Let’s call her “A”, simply because I can’t keep referring to her as “that girl I’ve talked about.” Kinda dehumanizes the person, also there’s a few I’ve talked about. Anyway, A learned how to cook naan, and I said, ” you’ll have to teach me sometime.” Just setting up a time where we’ll hang out and shit. She responds, ” Sure, but you’ll have to teach me how to make what you’re making.”

So as such, I’m now writing down the recipe for it. And yes, I apologize for the story with the recipe, but I need context for myself and stuff.

  • three cans of tomato sauce
  • half a cup of diced mushrooms
  • two diced shallots
  • one sliced medium onion
  • 6ish minced cloves of garlic
  • a crap ton of turkey bacon
  • pasta; your choice, I used fettuccine
  • half cupish of red wine
  • heavy cream

As I said, this really is just so I can remember what I used for it. The actual cooking instructions are what my heart says. Anyway, good hearing from you my listener. Stick around.

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