What a waste of a fucking night. I get a text from Christina, saying that board games and whatnot are happening. So I essentially drop everything and run to the place. I get there and there’s nothing for me. Game is in progress, which is to be expected. That’s whatever.

And then, Christina goes to bed. Also, whatever. She’s tired. Fair game I can never be mad at her, that’s not part of the equation.. So there I am, just sitting there while everybody else is playing a board game. What a fucking life, am I right?

I dunno dog, I’m just in a mood. Maybe I’ll do the brunch on Sunday, or maybe I’ll just let them go by themselves. Haven’t quite decided yet.

Anyhoo, I’ve got to get to bed in a bit. I’ve got a long weekend in front of me. I’m scheduled for quite a bit of hours. But hey, the pay is gonna be great. So it’s alright.

Love ya

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