Four Walls and a Roof

Hey, hey. So I wanted to regale y’all with another update of my life. My loneliness is improving? And I say it like that as I think it is, but I don’t really know. I do, but I don’t, ya feel?

I think what it may be, is that I’m too busy to be lonely. If that makes sense. I literally don’t have the time to be lonely. But there’s another issue that has cropped up, since I’ve been working. I have been coming home late, which is no big thing. That’s life, babe. It’s just that when I come home at this time, my roommates are typically off in whichever room they’re shacking up in that night. Which leaves me coming home to essentially, an “empty house.” And I’ll be honest, it’s starting to wear me down, dog.

Coming home to a dark house, it breaks you. So I guess, I’ve gotten over my intense loneliness, but I’m hitting the point where I ain’t got something to come home to. And that’s rough, like what’s the point in anything if the only reason to come home is to have a place to sleep. Yes, I get that that is a key component, but that makes it a house. Four walls a and a roof, that’s not a home. And that’s what is getting to me, this house is not a home.

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