What a week, huh? I’ve started working, so that’s fun. It’s tough and wears me the fuck out, but it pays. So, woo.

I don’t know dog, I’m just living life as best I can. It has its ups and downs. I just want to be happy. And I’m trying, lord knows I am. It’s a work in progress, but hey, ain’t that the way it goes.

I’ll figure it all out one day, I know I will. Just got to get over that horizon. I’ll get to the PNW with a St. Bernard one day. I’m no longer a glass merchant, I will realize my personal legend. It’ll just take some time.

Short bit this time, I apologize. There’s just too much going on right now for me to articulate it properly. I need to process it all, but don’t worry, I’ll keep on writing and I’ll get something worked up for you to see. Catch ya on the flip side

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