Rambler: Rambling Boogaloo

I miss my friends. Now, now. I know what you’ll try to say. “Will, you still have your friends.” Why would you miss them. And while that is partly true, it’s still wrong. We’ve lost that closeness, I don’t see them near as often as I would like. And I honestly haven’t seen most of them in any actual capacity since the housewarming party.

And it sucks, I may come off as shy and reserved. But I’m a people person, and I need people to keep me from going crazy. But it can’t be any people, I need my people.

They’re honestly the only people that I can stand to be around forever, they don’t drain me like everybody else. I don’t know, I’ve always been a sap. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I really really need like a dog. Something that can give me some form of companionship so I can start to work on loving myself. Because I’ll be honest, I really do hate myself sometimes. I’m nowhere near where I would like to be in life. But hey, I’m working on it. I did buy some nice shirts the other day, and I’ve got a job now. So things are going my way a little.

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