So, I’ve been thinking recently about proximity friendships. You know the ones. That friend that your only friends with because you work together or in college and high school and you see them often. But outside of that y’all probably wouldn’t be friends. It’s bittersweet when that friendship ends. Yet, there’s an expectation of that to come. These things don’t and can’t last forever. But that’s the natural order of things.

And I think there’s the beauty in it. These friendships are a brief moment in time. In the grand scheme of things. It’s lightning in a bottle. Gone. But the fact that we can be so deeply moved by that friendship is, I think, a testament to the lasting effects of it.

Though, what do I know. I’m just some dude that rambles to himself on the internet in a blog meant for nobody but himself. It’s funny when you get down to it. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this my one faithful reader. I can always count on you to be there for me. Even when I sometimes take a long hiatus and forget to post. Though that’s not me forgetting about you. That’s me forgetting about me. A far more serious and dangerous aspect.

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