Unfinished Thoughts

Hey, yo. What’s up? Yeah, I dunno dude. It’s that time of year I reckon. Man, can you believe its come to this? Why am I speaking in incredibly vague terms? Who am I even writing to? Why am I like this?

But, hey, let’s not dwell on that. There’s no time for things such as that. Be in the moment, or don’t. Lol. What a crock of shit that is. I’ve been trying to be in the moment for so long, and look where that’s gotten me. I’ll be fine, I always am. Just got to figure out where things stand.

Money, am I right? I want to be able to say, “Fuck it, who needs it! It’s an archaic system keeping you enslaved to the man.” Which it is, but also like, it’s the guiding force of today.

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