Lonesome rambler

Hey, hey. How’s it going?

It’s me, ya boi. Not quite sure what we’re going to be talking about this go round. But I’m sure it’ll be a fun one. Or maybe it won’t. Long story short, it is indeed that time of year again. Long time listeners will know what I mean when I say that.

Yes, indeed, my loneliness is spiking. And well, it’s always fun to try to manage that. It’s been an interesting one this time. I don’t know, I’m dealing with this girl thing. haha, yes. I know. There’s always a girl, isn’t there. But that’s not the point. At least, I don’t think so. Who actually knows.

It’s that weird thing where we’re super fantastic friends, and in all honesty, that’s probably all we are. But there’s sneaking suspicion that there could be something more, but at the same time I’ve investigated that path and it was a dead end. So just friends, which I’m cool with.

I dunno, I think it’s just that I need to be okay with being alone, which honestly is a thing I’ve been trying to do for such a long time to no success. I really feel like a dog would be the key to that. It wouldn’t help me be okay with being alone, but it would help me feel not as alone which is basically the same thing. So, hopefully, I can get a dog someday.

Anyway, side tracking here. The other day as I was leaving the School of Social Work, I could have sworn that I saw someone I hadn’t seen in honestly a year. Yes, that one girl that I had a crush on in my courses. I kept walking, so I have no idea if was actually her, but I was shaken for a little. It’s strange seeing people from your past.

Not sure what more to say, I’ve got plenty of thoughts stuck in my head, I’ll get back to you on them in a couple of days. Catch ya on the flip side.

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