Hey y’all. It’s me, again. You know the drill. This is my life now. I type on here for a little bit and then somehow I imagine that that magically makes me feel better. What nonsense, right?

Anyway, I know why you’re here. You think I’ve a new story to tell. And yes, you would be correct. I do indeed. And, based on the title of this post, you can probably figure out what it is. Yes, the girl that I liked. And yes, I know what you’re thinking, there’s always a girl. And as usual, we are correct. There is always a girl. Anywho, as I was saying, this most recent one. Well, before we get into that, I feel we need to explain how I would have normally gone about this if my hand had not been forced.

Simply put, I would not have been rejected as I would have never actually asked her out. So, you’re probably thinking, “What changed? Why did you ask her out then?” And to that, I will say that I had to. I needed to put this “notion” to rest before it evolved into something that I didn’t want to see myself in again. So, with that realization, I had to see if anything could ever come from this.

And with a resounding, “No.” i had my answer. Was I crushed, no, I was relieved in the strangest way. I could put that dream to bed and continue on with my life. And to make matters better, we’re still friends after the fact. My biggest fear going into it was that I was going to fuck up the friendship and we would never talk again. Fortunately, that reality did not happen. And we are still good.

So I think what I’m trying to get off my chest here is that yes, sometimes you need to listen to what everyone is telling you. Sometimes, you’ve just got to act on that feeling you have. It may not always work out, but you’ll definitely be in a better place for it. Hopefully.

Anyway, it’s getting late and I should go to bed. I’ll catch ya later, take care, my faithful reader.

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