I am

Hey, how are you? I know you’re reading this one tonight, my faithful listener. And I just want you to know that, Hey, I think you’re pretty alright.

I’m glad that you’re here, out of all the places you could be, you picked me. And I appreciate that. I know, I’m a fucking mess. And yes, that is all my fault. I recognize that, and I’ve even been trying to remedy that. But unfortunately, as you know all too well, that hasn’t quite worked out.

So here’s to the ones that have tried
Worked to the end and failed
I envy them,

the light they shone
even in their darkness
It showed a new day

One that I always sought
but lo, I am but me
alone in my life

Searching for what I could never
Elusive and strange
I came to realize

i am but me,
It rings a truth,
always and forever

For those who seek,
And those who find,
Here lies my dream,

I am but me

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