I feel that this is one of my favorite poems that I’ve written. Yes, I am aware how biased that seems. But even creators get to pick something that they’re a huge fan of, even if they had a hand in creating it, right? Anyway, give this one a read, and maybe you’ll think highly of it too. Or not, whatever, it doesn’t matter to me, you do you.

Hey hey. Hey hey hey hey,

Whatcha up to today?
Same old same old?
Try something new, that’d be bold
What do ya mean no?
Please, just go
do something with this time
Oh, is that it? You’ll whine?

I ain’t surprised, that’s you
through and through
Just thought this time was different
Yet it certainly isn’t
But hey, that’s how it goes with you and me
You’re blind while I can see
But what does it matter when I speak
if you don’t listen for another week
Do your ears even work?

I know mine don’t all the time
But yours definitely should
It’s frustrating enough when others don’t listen
And even more so when you don’t yourself
But what do you care, you never have
And I don’t expect you to either
I want you to know
That’s just me though
I forgive you! I forgive me! I forgive us!
i want this to be over!
I want to start again
You may not understand why
And neither do I

But there’s the beauty in this
The anguish in that genie’s wish
Who is this for?
Look, I know who
And so do you
But why?
Simple enough, that’s life
But maybe, not this time

Best wishes,

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