Fog of Doubt

Alright, so I wrote this poem around July of 2016 while I was in Wisconsin, sitting out by Lake Minocqua. This subject matter was an issue that had been plaguing me for a while. You see, at that time I had a crush on my best friend, well it was more than a crush, but that’s a story for a different time. And I was trying to deal with how I felt, and of course whether or not I should tell her. I’ll get to that one in a later bit. As for now, read this one, enjoy or don’t. As always, that’s you prerogative.

Fog of Doubt:
So here we are
tore it all to hell
Just to get this far
And there chimes the bell
The time has come and gone
Not that it matters, I was wrong

No reason to fight the the truth
Better to swallow it alone
Then it’s easier to go home
And find the time to sooth
these broken spirits
Yes, I know what to do
as what it means to you
But right now, I don’t want to hear it

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